Publication Design
Designing visual systems for meaningful communication. 
Brand Development
Interaction Design
Publication Design
We help communicate difficult concepts, streamline complex interactions, and listen for the deeper story to tell.
Our services include brand development and web design, user experience and user interface design for digital products, information graphics, and publication design. Often, these go hand-in-hand.

In addition, Clear offers consulting services and custom workshops rooted in design thinking to help address organizational challenges. 
Our passion is creating meaningful communication.
Clear is the design studio of Jordan Rosenblum.
I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and began my design career in book publishing before cofounding a boutique design agency in Brooklyn, NY. I went on to serve as Creative Director at a tech start-up designing content platforms adopted by major publishers including Random House, Simon and Schuster, and HarperCollins, directed the design of mobile apps for clients including Esquire, NBCUniversal, and the Chicago Tribune, while managing a terrific interaction design and UX team. I have worked with organizations and small businesses as a strategist and designer, developing brands and publications, and using participatory design processes to help clarify vision and purpose—I love that part of the job. I work as a designer and facilitator, and teach as an adjunct instructor of design at Portland State University. 
Explorations in organic and community-driven agriculture and an active socially engaged art practice heavily influence my approach to design. 
I continue to follow my fascination with how people communicate through visual design and social interaction, and how design can serve as a tool for understanding to deepen human connection.   
When not working as a designer, Jordan can be found transplanting vegetables and pruning tomato plants, hosting workshops, sifting through bins of used bike parts, at a punk rock show, sitting on a cushion with legs crossed, or most often,out in the woods.  
Designing meaningful communication